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These two mornings were the result of huge chunks of time lost to drinking. Entire evenings. I had passed out cold. Something I did often. Instead of vomiting, my body would just shut down when it couldn’t take any more alcohol. I’d been picked up and carried around by friends and strangers countless times. In fact, it was not an uncommon mode of transportation for me to take home.
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Though he has been doing better than some of his counterparts, his bracket seems to be too competitive for him, strategist Nicole Wallace said on Rachel Maddow’s show last night. She went on to say that voters appear largely hungry for a candidate outside of the political establishment, explaining Donald Trump’s and Ben Carson’s surge in recent polls.
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Did you have assumptions about the program that became complicated by your research?
I would also distinguish this early period from the covert operation that was run through and with NSA. Initially, the CIA had determined that covert actions were outside the charter that Congress had granted them. The first covert office was not really up and running until 1948, and then over the next few years the relationship with NSA became more and more clandestine; more and more secret; more and more formal, and then it grows and morphs into many different operations.
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